we focus on family relationships to help children of all ages feel relaxed and connected at bedtime

Are you a parent who wants to experience continual positive growth alongside your child, but you're feeling held back?

Do you relate? Yes? We understand you! We've been there.

Our Parenting for Sleep process:

  • builds trust in parenting intuition
  • enhances family connection
  • develops confidence to navigate child and parent emotions throughout the ages and stages
  • and, yes, invites age appropriate sleep - we said it - SLEEP!

Focus on what's important and connect with your child to nurture sleep. Schedule a discovery call.

A discovery call is the First step in our journey together

The one thing we guarantee is that you will have hope after our call. Consider it a "hope call." We listen to your story and you experience the support, love and respect for family growth that makes our process unique.

From expecting your first child through childhood, we guide you through exploring your family dynamics, understanding your child's behaviour, and discovering how to best meet your child's individual sleep needs. (children up to ~six years old)

Private or group Parenting for Sleep and support available.

We work with you to develop emotionally supportive practices for the behavioural and sleep dynamics in your caregiving setting, including nurseries, daycares, homecares, and nannies. We offer group pricing for your clients as a complement to your services and will soon offer The Sleeping Child accreditation programs.

Private or group Caregiving for Sleep and support available.

We happily consider requests for speaking and writing engagements, and welcome guest writer submissions for our own site.