I. AmSoExhausted.

And I feel so guilty for feeling exhausted because I knew that parenting would be exhausting. So, I remind myself that I have a healthy child that I love unconditionally. Sleeping or not.

But, still, I sometimes hope that my beautiful child will gift herself a relaxing bedtime or maybe a few hours sleep. 

It's a vicious exhausted-guilty-anxious cycle, and I think that there's only one way out - sleep training - but the idea of sleep training makes my blood boil, my skin crawl, and makes me feel guilt-ridden for even considering it. 

I *know* that the family life I want for my children is about wholehearted trust, love, and support... not force or punishment.

Sound familiar? Then we are your parenting village.

Family relationships and emotional connection helps children of all ages feel relaxed and connected at bedtime. This is what The Sleeping Child focusses on. We give you the gentle nudges, support, and listening you need to peacefully and respectfully encourage your child's sleep as he matures. 

If you ever feel any of the following, you will benefit from enrolling in Parenting for Sleep:

  • you are exhausted, but are overwhelmed by or don't believe in sleep training (please see our blog to learn how we feel about traditional sleep training)
  • you get easily frustrated with your child's behaviors, especially around sleep
  • you have wavering confidence in navigating your and your child's emotions
  • you struggle to wholly trust your parenting instinct
  • you feel a disconnect between the parent you are and the parent you know you are
  • you want to feel hopeful again
  • you know there is more to parenting than the status quo

Parenting for Sleep invites sleep by:

  • reading your child's behaviors
  • supporting your child's cognitive and emotional development
  • navigating your own emotions
  • enhancing your parent-child connection with positive parenting practices
  • and, yes, by trusting your gut instinct

Please note that reflection on your parenting actions and reactions is the foundation of Parenting for Sleep. Our program is not for you if you are looking for a "quick fix" without making the honest effort to reflect on your parenting life.


Private coaching

  • lifelong access to Parenting for Sleep online
  • dedicated one-on-one coaching at the pace you need


group program

  • 6 week access to Parenting for Sleep online
  • 4 weekly, small-group coaching
  • private online "village"


The one thing we guarantee is that you will have hope after our call. Consider it a "hope call." We listen to your story and you experience the support, love and respect for family growth that makes The Sleeping Child unique.