I. AmSoExhausted.

And I feel so guilty for feeling exhausted because I knew that parenting would be exhausting. So, I remind myself that I have a healthy child that I love unconditionally. Sleeping or not.

But, still, I sometimes hope that my beautiful child will gift herself a relaxing bedtime or maybe a few hours sleep. 

It's a vicious exhausted-guilty-anxious cycle, and I think that there's only one way out - sleep training - but what I know of sleep training doesn't make me feel good, makes me question my parenting instincts, and leaves me confused.

I *know* that the family life I want for my children is about wholehearted trust, love, and support... not force.

Sound familiar? Then we are your parenting community.

We believe in your intuition, and we know that you can follow it while helping your child sleep. 

"Kari was able to help me help my son sleep without using a 'cry it out' method. In his own time and at his own choosing, my co-sleeping little guy who had previously been up 5-7 times a night, was sleeping 11 hours in his crib. I felt empowered and Kari was available when I needed encouragement or a sounding board. I highly recommend this approach!"


Family relationships and emotional connection help children of all ages feel relaxed and connected at bedtime. This is what The Sleeping Child focusses on. We give you the support you need to peacefully and respectfully encourage your child to confidently sleep. 

If you ever feel any of the following, you will feel at home with us:

  • you are exhausted, but are overwhelmed by or don't believe in sleep training (please see our blog to learn how we feel about traditional sleep training)

  • you sometimes get frustrated with or confused by your child's sleep behaviors

  • you have wavering confidence in navigating your and your child's emotions around sleep

  • you want to feel hopeful, positive, or peaceful about bedtimes again

  • you know there is more to parenting than the status quo


The one thing we guarantee is that you will have hope after our call. We listen to your story and you experience the support, love and respect for family growth that makes The Sleeping Child unique.

Our Parenting for Sleep approach is rooted in respectful parenting practices that gently foster healthy sleep in children of all ages.

CLARITY - a framework for your family

  • accept where you currently are with your child's sleep

  • decode your and your child's behaviours and emotions around sleep

CONFIDENCE - foundations that gently support sleep and dramatically reduce crying

  • develop enjoyable nap and bedtime routines

  • learn to ebb and flow with your child's ever-changing sleep needs

  • relieve separation anxiety with connection and play

CHANGE - modifications to your child's sleep at the pace that feels right

  • introduce changes without ignoring your child's developmental needs

  • trust your mama (and papa!) instinct

* Please note that we choose to work with parents who are dedicated to learning from themselves and their children. Before purchasing, please schedule a discovery call so we can discuss how we would support you. *

"Thank you! Thank you! Our lives would be so much different if we hadn't connected with you, over 3 years ago now!"




  • $100 USD per hour

  • minimum 2 hours as a starting point

  • time will be divided as co-decided by parent and coach

  • via telephone or online call

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COACHING 'season'

  • $500 USD per season

  • 6 weeks of intimate coaching

  • via telephone or online call

  • contact us for details!

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