Parenting for Sleep

The Sleeping Child Parenting for Sleep
The Sleeping Child Parenting for Sleep

Parenting for Sleep


This is our core program for families with children of all ages. Parenting for Sleep is an exceptionally individual process that focusses on parenting practices that gently foster sleep. As a result of understanding of your child's developmental needs, you will be better equipped to read and support his or her behaviour and trust in your parenting instincts.


  • private coaching calls, addressing:
    • parenting tools to connect with your child
    • your child's cognitive and emotional development
    • sleep environment safety for your family
    • age-appropriate routines based on your child
    • sleep strategies based on your parent-child relationships

$500 USD

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  • we also offer email and daily or weekly in-home coaching (where available)
  • please schedule a discovery call to learn how our Parenting for Sleep process fits for your family's needs

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