our passion is to gift parenting freedom and confidence to as many families as possible

Our desire is to express that parenting is about learning and growing alongside our children, and that supportive parenting is important to a family's long-term emotional health. Therefore, we offer most of our public speaking bookings and guest writing free of charge.

We attempt to accept as many speaking and writing opportunities as possible while balancing our own community and family relationships. Unfortunately, not all requests can be accepted. But it never hurts to ask… we always love growing our local and virtual communities! To request our availability, please contact us or complete the form below.

Speaking engagements of our interest: 

  • family/parenting trade shows
  • conferences
  • community events
  • motivational speaking events
  • vlogs
  • podcasts
  • interviews

Guest Writing: 

  • magazines
  • blogs
  • community publications
  • business websites
  • book reviews

If you have a pitch or submission for our blog - fantastic! Connect with us at community@thesleepingchild.com

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